Enterprise Management Solutions

Enterprise Management Solutions

How long does it take to get a payment from the government? Tax refunds, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid claims, and much more are processed through federal IT systems. But many of these systems are decades old AND outdated—which can slow down federal payments and services, and make taxpayer information vulnerable to cyberattacks.
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Congress has long recognized aging IT systems as a costly vulnerability for the federal government and has appropriated funding to update systems. But many of these efforts face delays and setbacks. For example, aging IT may be delaying tax returns and refunds. The IRS uses hundreds of applications, software, and hardware systems that are outdated—25 years or older, or written in a programming language that is no longer used. Among these, one example stands out: the primary system that IRS uses to process individual taxpayer account data.
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This critical system helps IRS assess taxes, generate refunds, update accounts, and more. It was built in the late 1960s, around the same time NASA’s Apollo missions were first sending astronauts to the moon. The system has been updated over the years, but maintaining it is getting harder because it relies on a computer programming language (COBOL) that fewer and fewer programmers know. The IRS has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to update this archaic system without a clear strategy to develop a safer, more reliable and cost-efficient replacement system.
The IRS is just one of many agencies, government-wide, grappling with aging or old IT systems. Of the government’s $100 billion in annual IT spending, 80% goes to operating and maintaining existing systems. The older the systems are, the more the upkeep costs—and, older systems are more vulnerable to hackers. In April 2021, GAO identified the 10 most critical systems—each at a different agency—that needed to be modernized. These 10 systems provided essential services like emergency management, health care, and defense and ranged between 8 and 51 years old. Collectively these systems cost about $337 million annually to operate and maintain due to outdated code, hardware, and software that its manufacturers no longer support, and/or had major security risks.
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How Oak Line can support the development of enterprise-wide investment and implementation strategies to save billions of dollars and improve critical IT systems.

Oak Line provides proven portfolio management services that ensure the best Return-on-Investment. They do this by directly linking enterprise performance to the agency’s vision and mission. We will help determine the optimal resource investment strategies to achieve agency strategic objectives by

  • Aligning investments/projects with strategic goals and vision;
  • Providing unprecedented visibility into enterprise projects, using investment-oriented metrics to compare project returns on investment; and
  • Improving enterprise efficiencies by identifying unnecessary redundancies and functionality gaps.
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By translating technology and program issues into concrete business objectives, Oak Line can help agency leadership stay better informed to make sound investment decisions in personnel, equipment, and other resources. Our enterprise management solution delivers enterprise results in an efficient and cost-effective manner, using a holistic, enterprise-wide approach that focuses on four areas: (1) Delivering high-quality deliverables, (2) Managing timelines/schedules, (3) Optimizing resources, and (4) Managing risk. Our approach combines proven ISO 9001-Certified management processes with innovative tools and techniques for collecting, controlling, and reporting data to validate program performance.

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